Diploma in Customer Service




Diploma in Customer Service Training and Certification course will equip you with the skills needed to be an excellent customer service manager. It would teach you how to identify your customers and their unique needs, how to communicate in an assertive manner, how to solve customers’ problems and how to turn an unhappy customer to your biggest fan. This Diploma course is an excellent Launchpad into a fulfilling career as a Customer Service Manager in the Banking, hospitality, retail and public sector. It is guaranteed to be the most effective class with the use of manuals, workbooks and case studies.

  •  Module 1- Customer Service Basics
  • Module 2- Providing excellent customer service
  •  Module 3- Diploma in customer service first assessment
  •  Module 4- Customer service in the hospitality industry
  • Module 5- Customer service in the Retail industry
  • Module 6- Customer service in the public sector
  • Module 7- Diploma in customer service – second assessment
  • Module 8- Course assessment

Course Outline

  • Introduction to customer service
  •  Customer service techniques
  • Communicating with the customer
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Maintaining standard of excellent service
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • The Hospitality customer
  • The 12 steps of superior Hospitality service
  • Customer service in restaurants
  • Management in the Hospitality industry
  • The philosophy of retail service
  • Customer service philosophy for the public sector
  • The policies and principles of Customer service

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